Is This Frank Zappa’s Secret Sauce? Here’s A Look At His Beloved MU-TRON BI-PHASE.

We have a few Mutron Bi-Phase phase shifters at EMEAPP, we adore them and their unique sound. While the majority of gear we have is in prime condition, Frank Zappa’s Bi-Phase has been ridden hard and put away wet. Saying that it was well-loved might be an understatement, it is clear that the Maestro and his techs spent many years disassembling and modifying this beloved unit.

If every piece of gear has a story to tell, Zappa’s Mutron can probably write a book. This is why it makes us so happy to see it make an appearance in this month’s GUITAR WORLD magazine. Dweezil Zappa even got involved to give the reader some insider info on this very special piece that was a critical part of his father’s sound.

As you’ll read in the Guitar World article, Zappa’s Bi-Phase is also well represented in the new book, STOMPBOX: 100 Pedals From The World’s Greatest Guitarists, chock full of sexy photos by our good friend Eilon Paz. Eilon visited EMEAPP to shoot a few dozen rare and unique pedals for this book as well as another called VINTAGE & RARITIES: 333 Cool, Crazy and Hard To Find Guitar Pedals.

Want some more great intel on Frank Zappa and his legendary guitar sounds? Check out this EMEAPP article, Frank Zappa’s Guitar Amplifiers- Want to take a peek inside? This article takes a look at what makes these amps special, including a great tech write-up by Bryan Parnell.

And for the icing on the cake, here is his son, Dweezil, lighting up his father’s amps on a visit to EMEAPP in advance of his Hot Rats and Other Hot Stuff concert tour.

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