Musique du Soleil Concerts


Next concerts to be announced soon.

Here is a photo from the March 3, 2023 show at NVU-Johnson:

Please send a message with the Contact Form if you have questions about these events.

In this concert series I’m playing my “Arcturus” synthesizer rig, with combines several analog lead synthesizers with virtual synths and Polymoog samples:

This system also enables me to create graphical images from the music with what is essentially a visual synthesizer that synthesizes visual images from sound in real time. I can watch the images unfold and respond to them musically, creating a continuous creative feedback loop, and a very dynamic and sometimes humorous experience. One example of this visual synthesizer in action can be seen on the video announcing the concerts. Here is another example, generated with my composition “You & Me”:

“You & Me,” by Ben Luce.

What? These concerts are a truly cosmic journey of sight & sound for the audience, with sweeping electronic synthesizer music and the evolving visuals described above.

Kid friendly? Absolutely for older kids. Might be a bit intense and/or tiresome for younger kids.

The Music? In addition to some improvisational aspects, the musical pieces featured will be live versions of my own compositions, including some or all the following pieces depending on time and inclination:

Why and for Whom? These concerts are specially dedicated to raising support for a cause I care deeply about: facilitating the transition to renewable energy, in this case by supporting the work of the American Solar Energy Society in particular, for whom I serve as a board member (and presently board chair). ASES is a truly fantastic 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has served as the primary advocacy and educational group for solar energy and renewable energy in general in the United States since 1954.

These days ASES organizes a number of important events and programs including their widely attended National Solar Tour, an event at which people all over the country directly visit and learn about homes powered by solar energy and other sustainable technologies and practices; their National Solar Conference; their national magazine Solar Today; their Zero Emissions Network; and a variety of other educational programs such as their Tiny Watts Program. They are also deeply dedicated to JEDI Principles – Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Not just words! These principles are woven deeply into everything ASES does and puts out to the public.ASES also supports many student and state chapters. Please donate to and support ASES!