The Harpsichord Electric

As mentioned on the homepage, I had a very good experience in 2021 discovering the sounds of of a vintage Baldwin Electric Harpsichord for the first time while on a visit to the Electronic Music Education And Preservation Project in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. And as also shown on that page, I happened to capture part of that on video:

One of the very special aspects of this unusual instrument is that the damper pedal alongs one to partially mute the strings, given the instrument a very plucky sound. Also, there are two different pickups cover the two halves of the keyboard, enabling one to set different tone sets for the upper and halves, which I found also to be extremely useful.

I would like to stress here that I had no intention of spending time with, or even trying out this instrument. I tried it out just by chance, but became immediately enthralled with it. And so, after the initial encounter I set about over the next few days to record an album’s worth of material. Some of this was based on pure improvisation, and some based on existing compositions. Here are the various pieces, embedded from my Bandcamp site, where the tracks can also be purchased and/or freely streamed:


Tic Toc:

Back On Track:

Life in a Peaceful Village:

Death, Followed by Relatives Fighting:

You and Me (Harpsichord Version):